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AI girlfriend sites are becoming more and more popular. You must check out these websites if you’re looking for online generators to help create the woman of your wildest dreams! Thanks to them, you’ll be able to have a virtual girlfriend that perfectly aligns with your preferences.

Candy AI offers virtual girlfriends and an image generator. You can use it for free or become a premium member, plus you can choose between anime girls and "real-life" babes.

If you want a website for virtual girlfriends and boyfriends that allows you to choose one of their pre-made companions or create one by yourself, is the best choice.

Intimate is the name of a mobile app that offers hyper-realistic experiences with virtual partners. Download Intimate today and find your dream babe!

Some AI adult sites offer sex chats, while others offer generators, but just a few have both. One such site is, a great choice for fans of AI NSFW content. is a modern adult image generator that you can use free of charge or take advantage of its premium version, which will give you access to some additional features.

NSFW Character AI is an adult website that can help you generate sexy realistic and anime characters, with whom you can indulge in a variety of conversations, including explicit ones.

If you are looking for a virtual girlfriend site that is almost as advanced and impressive as ChatGPT, take a look at GirlfriendGPT, a platform with thousands of sexy characters.

PepHop AI is one of those great websites that allow us to create our dream women, and then talk to them and customize their character traits to match our needs.

FantasyGF is an AI adult site that offers very advanced software for creating virtual girls, with whom you can later indulge in a wide variety of conversations, including sex chats.

With, you can create sexy hentai babes, horny elf girls, and hyperrealistic virtual girlfriends that match your desires perfectly. On top of that, this site offers a free trial.

Join, create your virtual babe using your imagination, indulge in romantic chats, exchange naughty photos, and explore your sexual fantasies, among many other things. This site offers infinite possibilities!

Sign up to and unleash your dirtiest and deepest sexual and romantic fantasies! This sex chatbot site lets you choose between hundreds of characters and create your own ones.

AICharfriend impressed us with its ease of use, great choice of characters, modern virtual girlfriend creator, and fair pricing plans. Overall, it's one of the best new virtual GF sites.

Whether you want to make NSFW images of sexy, virtual babes from scratch or date the woman of your dreams, OnlyRizz is a very good place to achieve those things.

With NSFW AI Chat, you get the chance to explore and interact with hundreds of sexy virtual characters. Even better, you can test it out for free without signing up.

Looking for a good AI NSFW image generator? You're at the right place! Visit, choose their free trial, and make hot anime and realistic-looking babes for your fap folder.

If you want to use a website that has both a tool for creating NSFW images and offers gorgeous and charming virtual babes that you can date, choose Nectar AI.

Thanks to AI Girlfriend WTF, you can experience intimate connections with gorgeous, virtual babes, who can make all of your naughty dreams come true. Find out more with our review!

Thanks to the choice of sexy virtual babes and software for creating new ones from scratch on, you'll finally be able to make your kinky fantasies come to life.

SexterAI is a customizable AI generator that can make your fantasies cum to life! It stands out because it offers both a realistic AI sex bot and an image generator.

iWaifu utilizes a modern, AI-powered GF simulator that allows you to experience sex chats with gorgeous virtual babes. You can try it for free before committing to a paid subscription. is a free and modern adult hub that allows you to generate amazing hentai with just a couple of clicks on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

LoverGPT hosts the virtual characters of independent adult content creators with whom you can exchange text messages, voice notes, and even images. It's among the best sex bot chat sites.

When it comes to, a platform for creating NSFW images and virtual girlfriends, it allows you to choose between anime and realistic-looking partners and gives you many advanced options.

The folks at had a goal to create a virtual GF site that redefines the way we interact with AI companions. Read our review and see if they've succeeded!

Visit Hot Virtual Girlfriend today and start talking to Sammy, a seductive and horny AI bot who can't wait to talk with you about your passions and sexual desires. is an NSFW image generator that uses AI technology in order to help you create deepfake nudes and images of hot girls wearing only skimpy bikinis or sexy underwear.

A New Kind of Love

Thanks to the fast technological advancements that have happened in recent times, every single aspect of our lives is affected. The area of friendships and relationships was already much different because of dating apps and social media, but AI virtual girlfriend sites might have an even bigger impact on those in the future. Sites that offer an NFSW AI generator are not exactly a brand-new thing, but those that offer you the chance to make a virtual girlfriend using their AI sex chatbot program have become popular recently. And they are the main topic of this page.

The Need For Quality Connection

These adult websites and mobile applications offer dating simulations and virtual relationships with sexy companions of your dreams that can provide you with a sense of intimacy and care, even though all this is possible because of certain modern algorithms and AI programs. The idea behind NSFW AI and girlfriend sites and apps stems from the need for connection and social interaction in today’s age, which often promotes individualism and escape to the digital world. Nowadays, many people often struggle to make meaningful connections at their offices, universities, neighborhoods, and other places where they meet others. That’s where NSFW AI chat sites come to the rescue. The sites we’ve added to this page on The Porn Couch offer virtual girlfriends that you can tailor according to your taste. Not only will you be able to chat with them and choose their personalities, but you’ll also be able to get photos and videos from them, often explicit ones.

The Main Purpose

Moreover, one of the best of a sex AI companion is its ability to simulate human behavior, conversations, and even empathy. Users can talk to their sexy AI companion who is programmed to respond to their needs in the best possible way. They can also act according to some predefined scenarios, which won’t be super obvious if the AI companion is made smartly. Further, this simulation covers a wide range of things related to human communication. These include talking about various interesting topics, expressing different emotions, and even giving advice, among a couple of other things.

Advantages of an AI Companion

The creators of such porn sites and applications emphasize a few most notable advantages. The first one is simplicity. By this, I mean that there’s no need to make an actual effort to go out and create a new relationship with a stranger. Another situation would be that you have a sexy coworker that you just want to seduce and bang, but you have no idea whether or not it’ll be worth it in the end. However, many skeptics will tell you that these apps can contribute to more isolation. We think if you use them with caution and realize that this is only a virtual relationship, there’s no problem. But let’s get back to their advantages. Adult sites with virtual girlfriends that you can talk to come with many other perks. Some of the other ones are the options to play games with them, tell them to share fun or steamy stories of their own, and even exchange voice messages. Naturally, the best adult sites that we have found offer a wide range of modern usability features. They also offer mobile-friendly interfaces and modern designs, and some of them even provide special mobile apps for free download.

Our Top Picks

It’s hard, even nearly impossible to say which is the best virtual GF site in the world. However, we can always tell you what our top picks are. Some of the best sites in this niche that we have come across until now are Candy AI, Soul Gen, Dream GF, Porn Journey, and eHentai. Most of them focus on creating women that look hyperrealistic, while eHentai is only for lovers of sexy anime babes. These five sites are also great choices because they either give you the chance to use them for free or get a free trial membership. But keep in mind that purchasing their premium membership will bring you access to all of their features.

Why Trust The Porn Couch?

If you have been reading this very carefully, you must be excited to try out some of the sites on our list. However, you might also be wondering why you should use The Porn Couch as your main source of virtual girlfriend sites. Let me just tell you that our team consists of passionate writers, developers, and other experts who happen to be fans of AI technology, especially in the adult industry. As huge lovers of this type of adult content, our main goals don’t just include earning money. We care more about creating a good source of the best virtual girlfriend sites that we can be proud of. Whether you want to find free apps and sites or are willing to pay a bit and get the best experience, you’re at the right place. Also, in case you’ve been wondering about that, our list on this page will continue to grow.

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