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Kupid.ai is one of those websites that allow you to pick a virtual friend and start chatting with them for free. It’s one of the best virtual girlfriend sites we’ve come across recently, which says a lot about its quality, considering how many of them come out monthly. The thing that makes Kupid.ai stand out isn’t just the quality of the services it offers, but also the fact that they haven’t forgotten about people who want to find and interact with handsome, virtual men.

When you open the site, you’ll be able to register for free. After that, you can log in with your new credentials, pick your virtual companion, and indulge in exciting online conversations. Moreover, Kupid.ai offers a premium plan, giving you access to all its features and perks. In addition to that, its users can create their virtual companions using their prompts and imagination. That way, you won’t have to settle for one, that is not ideally suited to your needs and preferences.

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