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SoulGen homepage review promises that you will be able to make your own images of real or anime girls from nothing. Well, today we need to check if their claim is true and if SoulGen is as good as we’ve heard it was. While this site doesn’t let you take advantage of its powerful AI generator for as long as you want without paying something for it, it offers you a free trial, which is sweet.

After trying out their AI tool, we can conclude that their claims were valid. It’s a truly sophisticated generator that’s able to create all kinds of hot real and anime girls based on users’ instructions. While I like watching anime content from time to time, I am more interested in real girls, which is why I focused on them while I was testing SoulGen. I must admit that the results I got were pretty realistic, which is why I had to stop writing this review and have a fun time on my own before getting back to it.

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