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LoverGPT is a virtual AI girlfriend site similar to OnlyFans in many ways. Namely, the creators of Lover GPT allow the owners of AI models and real-life adult content creators to host their characters on the platform. The users get the benefit of being able to communicate with them. However, this doesn’t only include sending and receiving chat messages but also interacting with them by exchanging voice notes and even asking them for custom SFW and NSFW images.

The creators whose characters you can find LoverGPT are usually people who already have a notably large audience in the world of adult entertainment. The folks behind Lover GPT are constantly looking for the best adult content creators. After they find them and decide they’d be a good match, they try to get in touch with them and offer them the opportunity to join their platform for virtual companions. Also, while it’s possible to try out some of the features on LoverGPT for free, you’ll need to sign up and purchase tokens to get the whole experience.

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