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The very first thing I noticed when I loaded the front page of Petite POV was its sleek design. Everything on looks nice, from the great color choice to the modern layout. Also, the thumbnails are large enough and they show you three scene screenshots to give you a better taste of them. The content looks incredible at first glance. However, once you watch it, you’ll realize that it’s actually even better than it seems. Petite POV’s sizzling scenes star drop-dead gorgeous girls like Alexa Flexy, Bonni Dolce, and Megane Lopez.

Even better, many of the scenes feature two or more stunning girls with petite body frames, which means you’re really in for a treat with this one. As if that didn’t sound good enough, Petite POV promises a mobile-friendly interface and content, full access to nine bonus channels, and daily updates across the Its POV network. Also, the new scenes are available in 4K resolution, and the production standards are always good. The only negative I’ve found so far is its update schedule. While the site keeps growing at a healthy pace, the update schedule is yet to be defined.

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