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Not all of us have the time or money to go on a long trip to Southeast Asia to discover all the charms of this part of our planet.
Although countries like the Philippines and Thailand are known for their rich culture and history, as well as fantastic cuisine and breathtakingly beautiful natural resources, it should also not be overlooked that their women are among the most beautiful and sensual in the world. If you are more interested in how local girls from those countries look naked, suck and fuck, plus you don’t have the opportunity to seduce and bang one of them in the foreseeable future, the Monger in Asia network will probably satisfy your cravings.

At MongerInAsia, you can follow the adventures of a handsome and witty Caucasian dude who mostly travels to the two aforementioned countries: the Philippines and Thailand. There he goes on the prowl for young and sexy local girls who are usually between 18 and 25 years old. I’ve already mentioned that this is a porn network, which means you can expect access to several sites under a single subscription plan. Namely, Monger in Asia comprises three individual sites: Asian Bang Maids, Hidden Cam Hookers, and Corked Creampies. As all three names are pretty much self-explanatory, I’ll keep some things a mystery and let you explore the rest once you sign up.

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