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While FTM Plus hasn’t been around for a long time, much of the content you’ll find there hasn’t been recently released. To be more specific, two of the network sites, Jock Pussy and FTM Men, had begun operating before the network was even in the works. However, the third site that is on this network, which name is Trancest, represents a brand-new gay porn series. It is about horny, mature men who can’t help themselves but seduce and hook up with their young and less experienced trans stepsons.

In addition to videos that showcase sexy trans guys fucking with cis men with huge cocks, the FTM Plus network features a handful of trans-on-trans porn videos. Although it doesn’t look like the folks at FTM Plus will focus on them in the future, we saw them as an excellent addition to their high-quality collection. The scenes you’ll find all include a lot of cock-sucking, make-out sessions, fingering, rimming, and last but not least, hardcore anal penetration. As for the interface and updates, both of these aspects are satisfactory, as you can expect handy browsing tools, a modern design, and fresh content at regular intervals.

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